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Leadership Support Team

Our Leadership Support Team

peopleCare Communities has over 45 years of experience in senior housing development and care services.  Our Leadership Support Team brings experience and a drive for innovation to “change the world of senior living”.

  • Brent is the third generation owner of peopleCare.  He is a Certified Professional Accountant / Certified General Account, Fellow of QuantumShift from the Richard Ivey School of Business and is a certified Administrator in Long Term Care. Brent is a member of numerous Ministry of Health committees, as well as related boards, committees and working groups.  He currently sits on the Board of Directors of the OLTCA, current Chair of the Financial Liaison Committee and MOH LTC Sector Funding Technical Working Group. As the CEO of peopleCare Communities, Brent is actively involved in the strategic planning, finance, business development and home planning, design and development.
  • Iuliana holds a Certified Professional Accountant / Certified General Accountant and a Masters in Economics. Iuliana’s leadership ability allows her to mentor, motivate and influence teams through change management and technology integration. In her current role as Vice President of Finance, Iuliana provides perspective on strategic and tactical matters driving strong financial results as related to budget management, cost benefit analysis and forecasting needs.
  • Jennifer is a Registered Nurse, certified Administrator in Long Term Care and credentialed in RAI-MDS. Jennifer’s leadership experience in Long Term Care includes leading teams through change management with a focus on quality initiatives and the use of technology to promote operational efficiency. In her current role as Vice President, Quality & Innovation she is responsible for system development, consulting and quality.
  • Andrea, a Registered Practical Nurse, holds a Masters in Leadership and is certified in International Interdisciplinary Wound Care and as an Administrator in Long Term Care. Andrea expertly leads change management by developing and operationalizing systems and programs to elevate Resident centred care. In her current role as Vice President, Operations, Andrea provides strategic perspective and strong clinical and program services.

Leadership Support Office

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