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Life Enhancement Aide – All Locations!


peopleCare has been named one of Canada’s Best Managed Companies for the seventh year in a row! We are a growing family-based organization in long-term care. We strive to exceed expectations. Our staff are engaged and enthusiastic about providing excellent care to our residents. We are constantly evolving and encourage out-of-the box thinking and ideas. We are looking for talented people who embrace change with a positive attitude. Offering great wellness and recognition programs is important to us.

peopleCare is once again Accredited with Exemplary Standing, the highest award possible through Accreditation Canada’s Qmentum program. This notable distinction is thanks to the efforts of our outstanding team of skilled and dedicated individuals working collaboratively with our partners to drive excellence in operations, care and services. Noted as a great place to work, other strengths highlighted in our Report include peopleCare’s investment in leadership development and staff education, high level of engagement in our communities, and building meaningful and mutually beneficial partnerships to address staffing shortages and drive positive systemic change.

These are exciting times at peopleCare, and we are growing exponentially as we expand our horizons and continue to open a new world of opportunities to honour our mission to change the world of Senior Living! Together we are raising the bar in changing the world of senior living as a Best Managed Company, by providing excellent care and creating meaningful experiences for residents, families, staff and partners.

We are looking for your talents and ideas. If you enjoy challenges, strive to increase efficiency, and enjoy working with people – then apply to the great opportunity below!


Assists the Home in multiple departments with duties as assigned by the Executive Director and Department Supervisor.

Reports to: Executive Director & Department Supervisor as per duties assigned


  • Adheres to established department policies and procedures regarding quality assurance, safety, environment and infection control.
  • Displays an attitude that is focused on working safely and ensuring that the work environment is safe and healthy.
  • Uses safe work practices.
  • Reports any actual or potential hazard to the immediate supervisor.
  • Uses or wears personal protective equipment (or clothing) as required.
  • Promptly reports personal injury to supervisor and seeks first aid as needed.
  • Participates in fire safety activities and knows the facility fire and disaster plan.
  • Maintains a clean and orderly work area.
  • Does not use or operate any equipment in a way that would endanger any worker, resident or visitor.
  • Reports incidents/accidents immediately to supervisor
  • Ensures privacy of residents during performance of duties.
  • Ensure confidentiality of resident information.

Nursing Care:

  • Under the direction of the registered nursing staff and in partnership with PSW, provides care to promote the comfort and safety of residents. Some typical activities include stand by assistance with lifts and transfers, second care provider with assigned task. Provides physical assistance to residents with a PSW as required.
  • Assists in the maintenance of a clean, safe environment. Some typical activities include making beds, cleaning bedside units, collecting/bagging soiled linen for dispatch to laundry, label personal resident belongings, sorting and storing clean linen, emptying bedpans and removal of unsafe objects etc.
  • Consults with and informs supervisor of unit activities, needs and problems related to resident care.
  • Assists in providing restorative care for residents, assists with ambulation and nutritional needs.
  • Assists with admission, discharge and transfer of residents.
  • Assists with meal service to residents and provides feeding assistance as required.
  • Provides emotional/social support for residents.
  • Assists in the maintenance and proper care of nursing equipment.
  • In collaboration with PSW, documentation responsibilities will include Meals, snack and fluids.

Nutrition Care:

  • Help with food delivery at receiving dock
  • Assists in monitoring quality of food supplies received and advises Director of Food Services/Cook of problems.
  • Assists in maintaining the dietary department in a safe and sanitary manner. Provides assistance to the Cook in the preparation and service of meals.
  • Assists in the preparation, re-heating and service of beverages, breakfast items, vegetables, nourishment items, salads, desserts and catering as assigned.
  • Follows proper food handling techniques. Dates, labels, and stores food properly. Keeps work area clean and uncluttered and completes scheduled cleaning duties. Maintains cleanliness of floors in the food preparation, dish room, and storage areas.
  • Sets and cleans dining tables and trays.
  • Assists in dish and pan washing, storage, and cleaning duties.


  • Assists in implementing the group and individual life enrichment programs such as exercise classes, crafts, social activities and outings, and sensory stimulation activities are assigned
  • Set up activity area as necessary
  • Transport residents to and from programs and meals
  • Encourages participation in life enrichment programs by preparing residents for and assisting them to and from activities.


  • Maintains work area in a clean, orderly and safe manner and assures proper care in use of tools, equipment and supplies.
  • Receives assignment, assembles required materials and supplies, loads service cart and transports to work area.
  • Additional cleaning tasks to high touch areas.
  • Using specified cleaning/disinfecting/sanitizing agents, and following specific procedures, work patterns and routines, performs tasks such as:
    • Vacuuming, sweeping, dry/wet mopping, scrubbing, sanitizing/disinfecting floors, spot cleaning walls, windows and doors between washing, dusting, emptying wastebaskets and rearranging furniture, removing waste, daily cleaning and disinfecting daily all bathroom fixtures and replenishing supplies, cleaning floors, fixtures and furnishing in utility rooms, kitchen, closets etc.


  • A person that has a diploma or certificate from a program that was a minimum of 600 hours in duration, including class time and practical experience, or has a set of skills in the reasonable opinion of the license equivalent to that of a PSW. Examples could include, Occupational or Physiotherapy assistant, kinesiology, ect
  • Proof of graduation must be provided.


  • Is enrolled in a program that is 600 hours in duration and meets standards established by the ministry of training, college or universities, national association of career colleges or Ontario community support association, such as paramedic, firefighter, DSW students or graduates.
  • Must work under the supervision of a PSW and/or Registered Nursing staff while supporting the nursing department.
  • The Alternate Care Provider must meet all the requirements of an employee e.g. tuberculosis screening, vulnerable screening record, orientation etc.
  • Other backgrounds such as hospitality (housekeeping, foodservices ect) will also be considered for the role, and training will be provided.

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