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Resources & Frequently Asked Questions

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Considering a new home is no simple decision. We’re happy to provide below a list of common questions and useful resources to help you in your research.


Life in a Retirement Home can be an amazing new chapter in someone’s life. Retirement living can offer new friendships and new experiences.

If you or someone you love has started to think that it is time for a change, …
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We would all prefer to make our decisions at our own pace.  Some like to quickly make a move while others do meticulous research and weigh each option carefully.  Unfortunately, life often has other plans.  For seniors, it may be …
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Life in a retirement home can offer many new experiences. If you or someone you love has started to think it is time for a change, we invite you to use the Retirement Living – Resident Checklist to help guide …
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Long Term Care

Please contact your local Community Care Access Centre (CCAC) office.

Start by contacting your local Community Care Access Centre ( which manages the admission process to Ontario Long Term Care Homes.

Your local CCAC will help you every step of the way. CCAC staff will:

There are significant wait lists for Long Term Care in most areas of the province. The length of your wait is dependent upon which Home and the type of accommodation you have selected.

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Retirement Homes in Ontario are licensed under the Retirement Homes Act and covered by the Residential Tenancies Act.  You can find more information on the Ontario Retirement Communities Association website at

It depends on the residence. Many have fully licensed dining rooms, pubs or other areas. Happy hours are very common. Ask at those Homes you are interested in to determine if this is the case.

People consider a move if:

    they are lonely find themselves with too much time and too little to do find maintaining their home difficult are feeling nervous or insecure in their home would benefit from better nutrition or have …
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